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SOTRI teaches students RI and the students apply what they have learned in RI to their own particular area of interest or need. Students will also learn how they can create their own SOTRI model. This is similar in a way to the train the trainer idea. When students create their own SOTRI model and/or group, we can link these groups together in a network. This will be an excellent way in which to share new ideas etc. This lends to the growth and evolution of SOTRI. These ideas are based in part on knowledge transfer.

Here are just some of the types or groups of people who would benefit from SOTRI:

Self-help market, personal development students, unschoolers, homeschoolers, creative types, Professionals, students, followers of the DIY movement, training and development clients and providers, people interested in becoming successful - which would cover a wide range of people from just about any age group.

Sorry if I repeat myself sometimes, but I would like to point out again that SOTRI is more than a school. It is a school and it is a school of thought. Please forget any negative experiences one may have had with schools. This is a school unlike any other and it also also way beyond the typical school. SOTRI imparts knowledge which is powerful and transformational and it is done in a way in which the learning comes naturally and without pressure etc. Valuable learning will take place and it won't even feel as if we have been learning, yet we will have learned so much and our learning will be presented in concrete form through our work. I say our because I too am a student of SOTRI.

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