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WHAT IS Remote Influencing (RI)?

Remote Influencing could be classified as a form of PSK - psychokinesis: The use of one's mind to create effects in the physical world. I have developed my own Remote Influencing system. There are other forms of RI in existence. To avoid confusion, from here on, when I refer to RI, I will be referring to the RI system I have developed.

I would describe RI as: A powerful system which uses the mind, body and spirit as a collective unit, in order to create positive effects in the physical world. RI is not an expensive system to learn and it does not require students to purchase expensive tools and equipment.

I developed RI through the following methods: Self directed learning, research, reflection, experimentation, curiosity. I have used self directed learning - SDL, for many years instinctively. I only found out about self directed learning in a formal way a couple of years ago. I now firmly believe in SDL and have decided to incorporate SDL into SOTRI.

Here are some definitions for SDL:

Self directed learning SDL is any increase in knowledge, skill or performance pursued by any individual for personal reasons employing any means, in any place at any time at any age.

Self directed learning is the method used when a learner, rather than an institution, controls both the the learning objectives and the means of learning. In SDL, control gradually shifts from teachers to learners.

RI has within it, powerful tools, techniques, ideas and philosophies - I will call all of these things tools or keys. These tools and keys are all connected and interconnected as you will come to discover. One of my philosophies advocates learning from all sources and continual learning. RI blends in with other systems and I encourage students to explore other systems etc. However, I suggest mastering RI first and then the exploration can start.

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