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RI 22 Smart Pills

RI 22 is the name of the unique learning project I am working on through School of The Remote Influencer - SOTRI. RI 22 is a school based enterprise: A school based enterprise is a simulated or actual business which is run by a school. School based enterprises are a great way for students to gain entrepreneurial skills and abilities.

RI 22 is an internet created smart pill. There are three products in all actuality. The first product is a digital download PDF product: How to make your own smart pills. The second product would be actual samples of the RI 22 smart pills - in small quantities. The third product would be my consulting, coaching and support services related to RI 22. I am using the methods outlined in my PDF product to create my own RI 22's for personal use.

RI 22 is the name of the method whereby people make their own handmade, brain enhancing custom supplements from home, using cost effective tools. I came up with the idea for RI 22 through my Remote Influencing practices and internet research.
Please visit my RI 22 Smart Pills Facebook page for more info. You will find some photos of my RI 22 products in the page below:

infinity loop
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