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WHAT IS School of the Remote Influencer?

Welcome to School of The Remote Influencer. School of The Remote Influencer is the first school of its type in the world. SOTRI is a powerful, new, online personal development school and it is a school of thought. SOTRI teaches students a new system of Remote Influencing which I have developed. The page 'What is Remote Influencing?' , provides information on Remote Influencing.

SOTRI is an experimental , alternative school which is highly creative in essence and it is somewhat eclectic in its approach. SOTRI incorporates self-directed learning, elements of homeschooling and unschooling, group learning and the self-help model, consulting, coaching, training and development, human performance technology, the DIY ethic. This list is expanding. SOTRI is not limiting or dogmatic in the way it operates.

I don't believe in labelling and it is not easy to even put a definite label on SOTRI as SOTRI is evolving, improving, changing and growing over time. SOTRI will help to develop powerful people of the future from today.

There are no formal tests in SOTRI. Students will learn my RI system and they will be encouraged to create a learning project in the area of their interest, choice, expertise etc. I will also request students to write a report or an essay describing how the learning from SOTRI has helped them. RI and SOTRI can enhance and improve a person's learning abilities and potentials. SOTRI students will also gain valuable and highly sought after research skills which are greatly needed in one's professional and/or educational life. SOTRI is not accredited at this present moment in time. In all honesty, I am in the start-up phase and I do not have the funds to apply for accreditation. However, I aim to deliver priceless knowledge and to do so cost-effectively. Successful students will receive a level 1 certificate upon completion of the 1 year course.

High-intelligence alone does not guarantee success in life. SOTRI provides students with the required tools, skills, talents, strengths, abilities and gifts with which to influence success.

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SOTRI Mission

School of The Remote Influencer, or SOTRI for short, is both a school and a school of thought: Whereby we, myself and my students, follow, practice, incorporate and further develop Remote Influencing so as to use our knowledge, skills and abilities to help our communities, society and the world at large.

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